The Happy Hour-8-18-13 (WaterStep)

In this episode of The Happy Hour you will hear positive music by Funkadelic, Knaan, The Decemberists, Mason Jennings, Aretha Franklin, Huun Huur Tu and MORE! The good news segment featured a story about Italy banning Monsanto’s GMO seeds and our special guest was Michael Raus with WaterStep talking about how that organization works to improve water and health sanitation globally to reduce the effect of the world’s largest killer; waterborne illness from unsafe drinking water. Join in on the positive vibrations of the Happy Hour revolution; good news, hopeful music and solutions to social problems.

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1. Hang Loose – Alabama Shakes    2. I Love You and Buddha Too – Mason Jennings    3. Ride on/Right on – Phosphorescent    4. Hey Revolution – We all Together   5. Mr Bobby (hey Bobby Marley) – Manu Chao   6. Love is the Only Thing – Aretha Franklin   7.  Live to Love – Nicholas Mrozinski and The Feelin Band   8. The Truth – Precious Bryant     9. Take  A Giant Step – Taj Mahal    10. Losin Ground – Cymnade    11. Happy Survival – Eddie Okwedy    12.  I Will Be Light – Matisyahu    13. Sun Light –  Mc Yogi     14. Im Beautiful – Aloe Blacc  15. Wash it Down – Knaan   16. Plant the Seed, Bite the Knowledge – Dj Cavem Moetevation     17. Don’t Carry it All – The Decemberists   18. Our World – My Morning Jacket and the Muppets    19. The Feeling – Peter Bjorn and John    20. The Truth – Handsome Boy Modeling School      21. Everybody is Going to Make It This Time    22. Better Days – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes    23. Heart Doctor – Lee Scratch Perry

Michael Raus – WaterStep

Michael Raus is the director of development and corporate responsibility among other roles at WaterStep and discussed the global water crisis as well as the three areas where WaterStep is making a difference.

waterstep #1The Problem

Today’s water crisis is an issue not just of scarcity but of accessibility. According to UNICEF, if no human action is taken, as many as 135 million people will die from waterborne diseases by the year 2020 – more than those who die from war, HIV, and cancer combined. Children are particularly vulnerable; a child dies every 20 seconds due to waterborne illness.

Amazingly, less than 1% of the world’s water is suitable for human consumption. Every day, women around the world play “Russian Roulette” with their families’ lives by having to choose between dehydration and water-related diseases. Just to have access to water (not necessarily safe water) often requires women or girls to walk an average of ten kilometers daily to carry water from a distant water source – often the same source from which animals drink and in which they leave their waste. People also wash themselves, their children, their dishes, and their dirty clothes in the same water source they use for drinking. As safe water sources diminish, the need to address water quality issues through peaceful, cooperative efforts becomes increasingly vital.


So far; WaterStep is already responsible for:

In the last decade, WaterStep staff and trainees have helped to bring over 185 million liters of safe water to people in 23 countries through our water purification units and miniwater treatment plants. WaterStep staff and trainees have trained more than 5,000 people in our water training center, our hand pump repair school, and on site in other countries. So far, at least 80 hand pumps have been repaired.

• 836 mini-water treatment plants, 5,395 people trained in water purification, hand pump repair, or health and hygiene.

• 80 repaired hand pumps.

• 8.2 million people with access* to safe drinking water

* With mini-water treatment plants working at full capacity.

For more info on how you can be a part of the solution please visit 

Good News Links : 


Italy Becomes the 9th EU nation to Ban Monsantos GMOs

man donates cds

Tole-rants is a global movement to inspire hope about solving social problems. Macmillan Dictionary describes a “tole-rant” as ‘a brief speech about a social problem that suggests a potential solution, usually taking the form of a very short, web-based video.’

Rather than ranting about everything that is wrong in the world, tole-ranters speak from the heart about social problems, and point to potential solutions – in 60 seconds. The dawn of hope-filled, heartfelt communications is here. It’s time to tole-rant.

Listen to this episode of the happy hour now! (click happy buddha below to hear the show)



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