Happy Hour – August 11th, 2013

Today’s Positive Show! Featured Organization was Coalition for the Homeless

Listen to the show right now! Click here.  Download the mixcloud app and listen to all archived shows anytime!

IMG_2598Natalie Harris is the executive director of the Coalition.

The Coalition has advocacy, education and coordination programs to reduce homelessness in Louisville. You can view the one page synopsis of the 2013-2014 Blueprint to End Homelessness right here.

Natalie discussed the Rx Housing program in Louisville that has been profoundly successful and provided 100 homes to homeless men this year. Check out the Facebook page Rx: Housing – 100K homes.

For more information please visit the Coalition for the Homeless at louhomeless.org.

Play List :

1. I Won’t Back Down – Dawn Landes     2. Rythym of Love – Plain White T’s     3. No More Sad Songs – Trembling Blue Stars    4. Love – Bran Jonestown Massacre   5. Start of a New Day – Ray Brown & Moonstone    6. Until the Poorest of the Poor Have Enough Money to Spend – West Coast Pop Experimental Band   7. Revolution – Dr. John   8. Door to the Cosmos – Sun Ra    9. You Won’t Regret It – Ceu   10. Keep on Pushin – Ike and Tina Turner   11. Love is Free – Stoneface and the Everlasting  12. Train To Glory – The Ethiopians   13. Press Freedom – Cocoa Tea   14. Positive Force – Skeletons   15. Pygmy Love Song – Francis Beybey   16. Tetigo – M. Sarif and Kondan   17. When I Live My Dream – Seu Jorge  (GUEST PICKS NEXT THREE) 18. That Wasn’t Me – Brandi Carlile   19. Streets of London – Ralph McTell   20. Peace Train – Cat Stevens   21. Ease My Mind – Arrested Development  22. Good Morning – Chamillionaire  23. I’m Set Free – The Velvet Underground         24. Every Day Is Yours – R.E.M    25. Kid President – Pep Talk   26. All Is Love – Karen O and the Kids  27. Because I Got it Like That – The Jungle Brothers

Good News Links:

Iraq’s First National Park Approved

Mesopotamian wetlands believed to be the biblical site of “Garden of Eden” approved as first national park and protected land in Iraq.

US reports Breakthrough in Malaria Vaccine

New vaccine for protecting against the deadly airborne disease proves to be 100% successful according to early results for it’s first human trails. The most successful vaccine to date is not yet ready for mass distribution, but is promising and is awaiting further testing.

Volunteerism and Civic Engagement is at a five year high

Altogether, Americans volunteered approximately 7.9 billion hours in 2011. According to the report, this labor contributed an estimated value of $171 billion to the economy.

Thieves Return Stolen Items with an Apology Note

Just a few hours after stealing six computer towers and a new laptop in San Bernardino, California, a group of burglars had a change of heart and returned the stolen items after realizing they had broken into a rape crisis center. Going one step further, they left behind an apology note.

apology note

In case you missed the show you can listen any time right HERE! or click the hippies below.

Hippies in Portland


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