Happy Hour – 8-4-13

In case you missed the amazing show this morning, you can listen any time right now! Click the picture of Ganesh below to listen to the show:


The Play list for the show:

1. Angry Any More – Ani DiFranco    2. I’m Into Something Good – The Bird and The Bee   3. Free to Run – Gomez   4. Love is All Around – The Troggs  5. Breath – Alexi Murdoch  6. Now Is Exactly the Time – Noah and the Whale  7. If You Want to Sing Out Sing Out – Cat Stevens   8. Enjoy the Ride – Moorcheeba  9. Beautiful and Light – Tuung  10. The Falls – Octopus Project  11. Hallelujah – The Helio Sequence  12. This Must be the Place – The Helio Sequence  13. Oh sacred World – Peete Seeger (spoken word)  14. Isn’t it Nice – barbara Dhane and the Chamber Brothers  15. Song of Choice – Dick Gaughan   16. Let the Spirit – Roots Manuerva  17. Let it Grow – Dj Cavem Moetevation  18. Be Free – K’naan

Good News Links :

Nate Pederson and I mentioned John Robbins and Michael Pollan and Barbara Kingsolver – Animal Vegetable Miracle and T. Colin Campbell – Whole as great reading material if you are interested in learning more about a plant based diet as well as the environmental, physical and spiritual impact of reducing or eliminating animal products from your diet.

Listen to the show at





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